Memories That Sting & A Father That Never Fails

My Father said to me on his deathbed what I had waited my entire 25-years of life at the time to hear - “ Bonnie you’re so beautiful. I’m proud of you & I love you.” I can ponder on that to this day at 48 years old & still weep as though it were …

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The Deep

Ah yes, deep calling unto deep. There are just some things, some places - inside of me that no one knows about but God.Places I dare not utter to another or they may not see me the same way again. Dark places. Stony places. Places covered in cobwebs. Untouched, abandoned & forgotten by my conscious …

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Our Great Hallelujah

"You aren't crazy. You aren't crazy, you aren't backslid and you aren't alone. I have surrounded you with a tribe of those who have come out of the status quo and stepped into the chaos from which My kingdom arises and is established. Men around you may not understand. Those in your path may point …

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