Confession Time On Trying To Cope & Desperately Needing God

Confession time. I am struggling under a burden recently I’ve been attempting to carry pretty much alone. I mean, I’ve been praying - yes, but I’ve also kept my eyes more on the circumstance than on God. And that is not faith. And He, regardless, has been faith-full to put article & video or post …

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Showing Up

Oh to have God with skin on ~ To come & sit down next to us with a warm arm around our weakened shoulders.   Sometimes all we need is for someone to simply show up. To be present. To listen to us. Not to fix anything or have the answers - Because who really …

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My calendar said this morning: Your own soul is nourished when you are kind. ~Proverbs 11:17 Kindness matters. Consistency matters. People matter. How much better do we feel inside when we aren't spewing negativity-s about ourselves or other people? How much sweeter life is when we choose love - Patience Acceptance Mercy Gentleness Self-control. Every …

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