Life, The Futility Of Control & Letting Go

Letting go does not mean that we don’t care. It doesn’t mean that something or someone no longer has value to us. And it certainly does not mean that we no longer love.

When life takes us by surprise – when we are spun around when we least expect it – we are left most times facing something. Like “what do I do with this” – or ” how did I let this happen”.. Facing fears of the absolute worst kind. Or questioning every little thing. Putting ourselves or someone else under a microscope like some mad, hormonal scientist.

If we could just stop. And breathe. Rather than falling into a full-blown panic attack or falling apart. If we could just take it all to God FIRST when whatever it is hits. Asking Him what He says about it. I realize for some – even us seasoned Christians – that may take some practice. I’m doing my best these days. I think I am anyway. *cough*

Try – just for today – to let go of whatever it is that has you all twisted up inside. Picture yourself placing it in a boat on the water & pushing it off the shore line. And a few hundred yards out, imagine Jesus standing there – waiting to receive whatever or whoever it is. He is able.

Oh Lord, you know the aches & the cracks, the chasms & the darkness in our hearts this morning. You see the things that we think we have forgotten. That we think we are healed from that are still careening us haphazardly around every conundrum we meet. May we stop using the excuse “Well that’s just how I am” & laying down right there. Instead let us stand & say with conviction “Please show me Your truth & how to change where I need it most.”

Give us to the strength Papa to let things go that we cannot control. Hard as we try to. Bad as we want to.

God help us. We need Thee every hour. Every minute. Sometimes every second. Help us to react & do & be – More. Like. You.

In Jesus’ wonderful, capable name,


Much love y’all & much more letting things go to God ~ He is just waiting to take them from you,

Bonnie ❤️


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