Heavy & Worn

I don’t get this way very often but seem to be there right now ~
Heart-heavy & worn out.
Just burdened for some friends & a little bit for myself admittedly.

Life can do that to us sometimes.
And it’s OK to not feel like a ray of sunshine or to be one all the time.
And it’s OK to grasp the reality of a situation & feel whatever emotions come out of it. Because they will. It beats stuffing & pretending they aren’t there. I just encourage you not to stay there. This is just a season.

And this too shall pass.
We have a new portion of mercy waiting for us every day.
We have joy waiting for us in the morning.
We get to choose life or death every single day.

What a gift in the midst of struggle.

Lord you are so good even when life takes turns we didn’t want or didn’t ask for.

Be encouraged – our Redeemer lives! 👑

Much love y’all,

Bonnie ❤️




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