Letting Go

“Do not look back. Do not look back to the things that are behind you, rather look within. Why would you turn into a pillar of salt as Lot’s wife? She pined for the experiences of the past. She longed for the luxuries of Sodom. Lot’s family was so caught up in the culture of the cities of the plain that as the brimstone rained down the angels had to forcibly drag them away. You are in the angel’s custody right now – leading you to your blessing place. Can you feel their presence in the room? They are present to escort you away from what things are into a greater presence and blessing by My hand. You have asked Me to come into the situation, but understand, I have already made My descent into the earthly experience 2000 years ago. I have already done that. You are going to have to come up here to Me. After so long a time I now call you to a throne experience.

Let go. Break off every affection and hindrance that tempts you to have the backward look to the things of the past. The past is gone. It will never be again. What I have for you up ahead is far greater than anything you think constitutes loss. You are moving from corruption to incorruption. You are stepping out of time and into eternity. Refuse to allow the tendrils of time to terrorize you as though time is running out. If your time begins to run out, fear not, for I will simply make more time. As a matter of fact, why don’t you just accept the eternality of who I have caused you to be and just live in your now? You have time because I have time. In fact, I have it in the palm of My hand. Your timeline is interminable. You will fulfill your purpose and destiny because I never lie. Relinquish the past. Abandon yourself to the NOW season I have brought you to. Rejoice. You are breathing in and breathing out the air of heaven this day.” – Father’s Heart Ministry


Ah yes, letting go of the past. This is something that cannot be done overnight but it is attainable. Give yourself grace if you are in this process. And one day you will see that it was all worth it.

Trust. Me.

But most of all, trust God.


Much love y’all & much more letting go of what’s behind,


(image courtesy of peacefuldumpling.com)



One thought on “Letting Go

  1. Quite true, we do need to let go of the past. Some find it more difficult than others. Here’s a poem I wrote about the past.

    The Past

    The past is gone,
    the past is past,
    now is just here
    but gone too fast.

    It’s history,
    it cannot last,
    forgotten soon,
    from mem’ry cast.

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