Freedom From Fear

“The thing you fear the most is the very thing I want you to assault and attack with the armaments of heaven I have clothed you with. Refuse to doubt. Refuse to draw back. My soul has no pleasure in drawing back. The fear of the Lord is clean but every other fear is unclean. When you are assaulted by fear, realize you are being badgered by an unclean spirit. You would not give in to perversion or debauchery – so don’t give in to FEAR either! Fear is a spirit and when you resist it then he will flee. Learn to run to the roar. Resist fear by running to the roar of the enemy who so blatantly threatens you. Refuse to be held back by intimidation or to allow anxiety to dictate to you what you will or won’t do.
Bring to your mind young David, who came to the battle as My champion. He refused to wear the armor of king Saul’s false bravado. He took the simple implements by which he cared for his father’s flocks and felled the giant that greater men in Israel had trembled before for days. Be as David this day. Go out in your circumstance and situation, and choose to act as My champion. Assault the enemy with the missile of your faith right in the forehead of his ferocious and stubborn confidence that you are no match for him. Then mount his carcass like a hind on high places and cut his head off with the sword of despair that he purposed to take your life with. This is who you are this day. This is the scenario you are walking out. Know that as I was with David so I am with you. You will not falter. You will not fail. You will receive the prize and win the day because of who I am on the inside of you.” – Father’s Heart Ministry 

That is a word for someone! 

I know that for many years of my life I walked in fear. Fear of so many things. 

I have gained a lot of victory in that area & I’m so thankful God helped me to get there. 

Great freedom & peace lies on the other side of fear. That is my testimony. 

Much love y’all, 



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