Wise Words To Live By 

I am not hitting the mark 100% on the list below but it’s certainly a goal. 
Sometimes it’s just time for change.
Sometimes it may be a brand-new thing but a good thing nonetheless. 
We are all going from glory to glory.
We are all a work in progress.
We must never think ourselves better than another.
If we are competing with someone else we ought to just stop. Because we will never be them and they will never be us. It’s futile. No-one wins. 

Lord help us to embrace who You made us to be. Not who we think we should be. Sometimes the two are very very different. Help us to know the difference. May we strive for Your best for our life – our high calling. Bring balance where we are out of whack. Help us to see You more clearly and keep the things we can under control by Your direction. You are our Great Anchor. 
In Jesus’ Mighty Name, 

Much love y’all, 


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