Miscommunications, Olive Branches & The Golden Key Of Humility

I had posted the quote below the other day on Instagram. And then I had a a very vivid dream early this morning. So I knew I needed to share it here. I hope it will challenge & encourage you. 

In the dream I was having a conversation with a girlfriend I had not seen in a long time. We were discussing matters of the heart and our children. Time moved forward some & I saw her again. But I noticed this time she was very cool & indifferent towards me. This carried on for a while through the evening & she was noticeably being nicer to everyone else but me. I could not let it go. I had to ask her what was wrong. 

She hesitated. But then eventually she opened up & told me. It was something that I had said last we met that struck a chord in her. And not a very good chord. She took it that I was being very judgmental of her & a situation with her son that we shared a commonality in. That could not have been further from the truth. 

I was able to rectify the situation by opening up my heart & exposing where what I said came from. After that she softened & was able to see the truth. But had we let it go on more than likely our friendship would have been over. All because of a lack of communication.

How many relationships do we know of that were destroyed because of the same problem? Where two people refuse to open up to one another & try to see eye to eye? None of us like confrontation but sometimes it is so necessary. Marriages could be saved – family relationships could be mended. Friendships could be salvaged. 

But it takes both parties being willing to stay open.

Do not be afraid to step forward & stretch out an olive branch. Pray first & ask God to help you to do it in love. Because nothing is solved when we come at each other with daggers.

We have all hurt someone before. It’s not only others hurting us. 

Please strip off the pity parties. 

None of us are without blemish. 

Humility is the Golden Key to restoration & laying stubborn pride aside builds those bridges. 

We must love one another enough to be honest. Don’t throw a precious thing in the trash because we want to be “right”. Wouldn’t we rather be reconciled? I sure would. 

God helps us. 

(My disclaimer is if this is an abusive or dangerous situation, please seek professional help to walk it out. Some things do need to be left behind.)

Much love y’all,

Bonnie ❤


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