The Pain & Glory Of Change

“… yeah, if we’re being honest here, maybe the work gave us a bit of grief today, and maybe the kids gave us some grief, Lord, and maybe we’ll be bold enough and just say it out loud:we grieve a bit about how the day turned out, and how life’s turned out, and how we’ve lost people we love, lost some dreams, lost hope of real change – in us, in our people, in the way things have gone. 

And You, Lord, You cup our chin right now, steady us with this deep love:
“As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you. I’ll convert your weeping, *lavishing comfort*, invading your grief with joy.” (Isa.66:12,Jer.31:14MSG)

It’s okay: The grief is simply proof that you’re invested in living & loving.

*Grief is the guaranteed price we pay for love.*

And in the grief & paying that price, there’s this enfolding comfort — of knowing we are spending our lives on the best things.

And grieving how plans change – is part of Your plan to change us.” – Ann Voskamp


Oh Lord, how some of us are worse than uncomfortably acquainted with grief. We are so thankful for Your grace & the reprieves we get in the middle of the darkest of seasons. We are so thankful it will not always be this way.

“Grief is the guaranteed price for love” – how true that is. Thank You for joy unspeakable in the midst of the hardest stuff. Thank You for peace when others think we should be inside out. Thank You for strength to make the best choices even when others want to see us fail. 

God help us ~

We. All. Need. You. So. 

May we ever stay dependent on You. 

Much love y’all & allowing change to come, 



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