Oh How Great Is He

“Fear not what man can do to you because man does not have the last say. They claim to be acting in your best interests, but their hearts are compromised and their own fears are hunting them down in the night and causing their motives, though outwardly pure, to be turned in opposition to My purpose. Trust Me, says the Father. Know that the outcome is assured and you will not be diminished in any way. The angel of My presence stands by you this very day to vanguard you and strengthen you and protect you from every hidden danger.” – Father’s Heart Ministry
The enemy loves to try & use other people to intimidate us, cause us to doubt ourselves or the decisions we know-that-we-know God asked us to make. Decisions that were vital to our well-being.
He makes no mistakes.

There are times we must be as wise as a serpent & stay watchful & aware of these devices. Times where we have to rely on the Holy Spirit to guide us because things can get so dang murky – can they not?

God alone is our vindicator & let me tell you honey –
He does a far better job than we ever could.
If we will step out of the ring & allow Him to fight our battles
We will have far more peace, joy & strength.

Be encouraged, be brave, be not intimidated –
Because the Maker of Heaven & earth dwells within us.
And through Him we can do all things.

Our Deliverer is greater than all of creation!

Much love y’all, make it a great weekend ~




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