Seasons, Bare Things & Our Maker Who Holds It All

Some will disagree, but there is something so beautiful to me about the trees in winter. Their branches may be bare but they are still standing tall. They are still alive.

We all go through our own winter seasons 

Facing the harshness-es of life.  

And we all search for shelter 

Seeking it out in multiplied forms. 

I’ve found the One that truly does it for me – 

My permanent solution to all these temporary things. 

Sometimes the seasons are long 

And sometimes they are short-lived.

And there is Grace to be found for it all

As we trust in our Maker. 

Thank you Lord. 

You alone are worthy. 

I faced a situation recently that I thought might swallow me whole. I’ve been nose-to-nose with it before many, many times. But this time was especially tough. I was at the end of my proverbial rope, hanging on to the worn & unraveling knot I’d tied & re-tied. And re-tied. 

Oh God, if not for Your Mercy & Your Great Love…

When we have a desire deeply embedded in our heart that has yet to be, each day ticks agonizingly by like the world’s slowest time-piece. And we are completely at God’s mercy as to when we will see the fruition of our prayers. 
Faith in Him becomes our greatest & our only means-to-an-end. And we must not give up. No, don’t ever give up. 

Patience will have its perfect work in us whether we kick & we scream & scratch against it or lean in & surrender – after exhausting ourselves doing it our way. Leaning in is now my favorite the older I get, let me tell you. 

Thank You again Lord for Your wisdom & maturing me past myself. And for Your patience with me. 

Trust in Jesus. 

God help us – we need Thee every hour. 

Whatever season you find yourself in today, God is with you. He has you in the palm of His mighty, mighty hand. 

And I’m sitting next to you holding yours.

Much love y’all & hallelujah to the The Lamb – 

We are not alone, 



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