A Friday Love Letter To You 

I can’t get over You. 

Your Mercy drowns me time & time again. Like the ocean’s roll. 

Your Grace bears me up & keeps me going. There is no weight You cannot carry. For me. Or for those that I love. 

Words can’t do any real justice to testify of the lengths You go to snatch us out of the enemy’s snare. You are All-Mighty. Above all-others.

Just when I shrink back ashamed for something I feel I’ve done wrong Your arms encircle me & assure me that I am always, always accepted. Again. And again. 

How unbelievably comforting to know there is an Eternal warranty on Your Love. And no-one or no-thing can ever separate me from It. 

Your Love is messy & baffling – 

Perfect & immeasurable. 

The longer I live the more that I see

You. Are. Everything. 

When I’m alone in my little apartment & I begin to really think on You – reaching down, down, down into the chasm of the bottomless depths of Your Love- 

Oh my God, Your. Love.  


My eyes spill over in giant salty crocodile tears & my back bends forward in gut-bottom grateful adoration. I cannot help myself. You are so, so good to me. 

In my short-sighted humanity worship is my way of scratching away at the sheer weight of You. Like tipping over a cliff into a holy free-fall. Oh my Lord – The mass enormity of Who You are. 

And I realize every time I bow low at Your feet how incredibly limited my perspective is. How incredibly unfathomable You really are. You overwhelm me in ways I’ll never, ever find anywhere else. 

When I think on the day that I finally see You face-to-face I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to pick myself up off the ground. There are times on my carpet now where I almost can’t. But You already know that. 

And there are times when I long for Home so much that it hurts & aches in places that don’t hurt or ache in the same way about any other thing. And You know that too. 

I do want every bit of the sweet & bitter marrow of life that You have for me here Lord. But I am not afraid of death. Because I know it is only another new beginning.

Thank you God. For All that You are to me. I cannot contain it. 

More love every day,

Your daughter Bonnie 

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart -Jeremiah 1:5


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