Mouths & Hearts & Power

Excerpt from Girlfriends In God ~ 

“The mouth speaks the things that are in the heart. Good people have good things in their hearts, and so they say good things. But evil people have evil in their hearts, so they say evil things (Matthew 12:34-35, NCV).

If my words are boastful, my heart is insecure.
If my words are filthy, my heart is impure.
If my words are critical, my heart is filled with pride and anger.
In other words, the problem is not really my mouth – it’s my heart. The words I speak reflect the true condition of my heart.

Careless words can cause such grief. Unless strained through discipline and holiness, words can convey false perspectives and untruths. However, the right word, spoken at the right time and in the right way can bring order in the midst of confusion and light on a very dark path. Let’s make the commitment to speak life into every person we meet.

Let’s Pray ~
Father, I can be so careless with the words I speak. Forgive me. Please help me learn how to control my tongue. Create in me a clean heart, God, so that I can speak words filled with grace and love.
In Jesus’ Name,
Our words are powerful. They can be constructive or destructive. 

Let’s join together & make a difference by choosing them carefully. We are listening to each other after all. And we pay attention more than we think we do. ❤
Much love y’all, 


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