Audacious Belief In Him 

I will say this over & over for the rest of my days – I just don’t understand how people exist here without a relationship with the true & living God.

I am so exhausted right now in my humanity but I feel strong in my spirit. Fear & lies & death are hissing all around, but I am not falling prey. 

God has been heaping loads of grace on me.

That’s the only thing that can explain it, 

And that is nothing short of a Jesus thing. 

He is my rock – 

My fortress

My shield

My buckler

And My portion. 

The One reason why I haven’t crumbled & crumpled completely to the floor & stayed right there. 
I believe down-deep in my guts He is my fierce protector & certainly my son’s. 

I have seen His hand move too many times & in such miraculous ways that I cannot deny His power. Not ever. 

I KNOW what He can do – 

And I know He is able to do eons beyond that.

Believe it. 

Where else can we turn & never be condemned- 

Where else can we turn & always, always trust? 

Where else are we unconditionally loved & all the time – Every. Single. Day. 
In Christ. Alone 

Hallelujah Lord, I am clinging to You all the more. I can’t believe I ever clung to anything else. I praise You that what I’m praying for doesn’t depend on my own strength & power. But it’s by Your spirit. My sometimes mustard-seed of faith is multiplied like the loaves & fishes in Your Holy presence- 

All-mighty, All-seeing, All-Knowing One that You are. 

The Great Lion Of Judah. 

My. King. 

Our Deliverer. 

For with God nothing [is or ever] shall be impossible. – Luke 1:37 

Much love y’all & much more audacious belief in Him, 


(image found on pinterest) 


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