Set Apart or Set Aside?

Being set apart is very different than being set aside.


A profound perspective shift that I heard it on this audiobook  linked here by Lysa TerKeurst – which I highly recommend. Uninvited

I have struggled with rejection for most of my life.

I will say I’ve come a long, long way –
But it still tries to rear its ugly head at times.

Being single for 5+ years, with a full-on desire deeply embedded in my heart to share a marriage again someday –
I have struggled.

Through it all I have learned patience –
And I have a more profound trust in God.
I have learned certainly what I do NOT want –
And more clearly what I do.

Some of my ideals & what’s “best” have changed as well.
It has been a teacher, to put it lightly.

I am better for it – & I have found contentment beyond what I could have imagined. I would not change or shorten it. No. It has been a priceless time for me.

So I say all that to say that this precious, lonely & gloriously beautiful journey of discovery has taken me from feeling invisible & unloved to knowing in my know-er that I am seen by God, & oh so Loved by Him.

I now feel more often like I am smack-dab in His will –
Than feeling less-than, rejected & overlooked.
And the Lord keeps confirming me & affirming me in the strangest, sweetest ways. He is so good to us, in spite of us.

And so I wait & I wait some more.
As long as He requires.
Bumping & bumbling along I shall go ~
Choosing to believe that I am just simply set apart, not set aside.

I hope this encourages someone else today.

Much love y’all & perspective-shifting galore,


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