Our words…

They can have such great impact –
In either direction – good or bad.

Like if we poor-mouth all the time –
That everything is so bad or that we always have such bad luck.
Or trouble seems to follow us us wherever we find ourselves.


Or, on the contrary, when we have a sunny disposition –
A positive attitude.
A dogged Hope when none appears in sight.

Or when we fight with one another –
Spewing hatred & anger like doing it will protect us somehow –
But it never really does in the end.

It takes so much energy to carry all of that –
It bends our backs & darkens our souls.
It fills us with bitterness & strife & we wind up isolating ourselves.
To the point that no-one wants to hang around –
Except for those who are like us.
Misery loves company.

But to speak words in love – without judgment –
To be truthful yet kind –
Yields far greater results.

Albeit not always easy, sometimes feels impossible –
But how much better is it to walk in Light.
To have more Joy – more Peace –
To be known as a safe place for our neighbor.

Just for today, let’s try watching our words –
To ourselves & to others.
And when we want to lash out –
Run to Jesus & give it to Him instead.
And leave it there –
100 times if we have to.

Much Love y’all & far more speaking of Life instead of death,




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