Oh To Be Brave & Courageous In Him

Some of us need to give ourselves some credit this morning. Some grace. Some mercy. And some love.

We may not be where we want to be, but we are no longer where we once were. God has given us victory after victory. Do not lose sight of that.

Each day we still get up. We still have hope & faith – we trust Him to bring into our life exactly what we need when we need it.

Or maybe even that is a struggle right now. I get that. Sometimes life will flatten you. Sometimes it gets to be too much.

And then there is Jesus.

He is enough, when we are not.
Our strength when we have none left.
Our wisdom when we don’t know which way to go.

When fear has swallowed us up, His Truth will find us. Calling out from beyond, from within, sometimes so far away it seems a whisper – other times so loudly it’s all we can hear.

Making us brave where we once were paralyzed. Giving us Holy courage to take another step. And another.
And another.

Then one sweet day we will look back & marvel at how far God has brought us. How far we have come since that moment we made up our minds that we were stuck. In a hell that must’ve somehow been our own fault.
Of our own making.
Lost & devoid of all hope.

Our Amazing Grace.
Our Wheel within the wheel.
Our Savior, Redeemer –
Father & Friend –
Who sticks closer than a brother.

Hallelujah Lord.

I pray for every soul right now who is struggling. I pray for the mustering of bravery & courage like we’ve never had before. I pray for extra grace & mercy for the journey that lies ahead. I pray for wisdom that will open & shut doors & create a clear path. Oh God how we all need Your clarity. How we all need Your perspective.
Help us to see through Your lens & not our own. Increase our faith & may we run to You with our decisions before we make them.
We need Thee every hour.
In Jesus’ all-powerful, all-knowing name,
& Amen.

Much love y’all,




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