We Are All The Same

With all this division we have right now, still so timely. Something I wrote three years ago, popped up in my “memories” on Facebook this morning.~~~

I was sitting by myself at Wendy’s yesterday eating my salad (Apple Pecan Chicken, yummy – you MUST try it) and just observing folks. Young, old, and in between. The thing that struck me the most was how some of the people looked at each other. Strangers. Mostly with disgust or contempt, others with feline-like indifference. Hardly any smiles. It’s sad how we are as humans. If someone is bigger than us, smaller than us, prettier than us, uglier than us, has more money than us, or less than us, not colored like we are – we reject them somehow. Usually due to jealousy or pride. We have all been guilty. But what we fail to swallow – what we fail to remember daily, is that we are all the same inside, just in different packaging. We all come into this world the same way & we all meet an earthly end at some point. The in between gets twisty, sometimes ugly, but nonetheless we all have a middle. 
I challenge you to join me & step outside yourself today. Try to see each other through different lenses. If you feel that jealousy rising, that judgment or haughty pride, mentally shake it off. It’s possible. We don’t know the pressures we all face individually, but let me tell you, they are there. No matter how put together someone looks. Even the most contemptible people, the most angry, the most beautiful on the outside, or the ones who act out the most – they desire love & acceptance too, just like YOU. If all you can muster is to simply turn away in neutral, or to smile & quickly move on, it’s better than disgust, any day.  
~ Peace y’all… ❤



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