We Are Family

I thought this was so beautiful ~ Lord help us to live this out…

“It is My purpose to build a family. It is not My purpose to build a regime of subservient followers. That is for the religious bent. It is My intent to build a family of sons and daughters. It is My intent to bring all of My children back home. It is my intent that they return to Me. Every infant spirit being sent out from My heart to be born on the earth is a child of My loving intent. My intent is for family and that they return to Me. That they return to Me, having chosen My offer of love, and accepting My provision of the way back through the cross. There is no memory of the time before birth, no recollection of My tender benediction released over you as you were sent forth, but it was there. My love was there and My love goes on reaching throughout your lifetime, throughout the generations calling My family to come home.

When you see the lost who do you see? Do you see the ones I have loved with an everlasting love? Do you see ethnos and societies that are vastly different from you? Do you see the religious and tribal peoples outside of your sphere of culture and understanding? But you don’t really know them, so it is not like it is someone from your own family, right? Or are they part of your own family? The family you don’t remember? Who lived in My heart since before the foundations of time? They are all My family, and I desire them to return to Me. You are all My family and the focus of My everlasting love. It is not My will that any should perish, but that whoever believes in Me will have everlasting life, and return to the heart of the Father. – Father’s Heart Ministry


Much love y’all ~

We. Are. Family.


(image courtesy of thefix.com)



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