I Don’t Know 

I. Don’t. Know. Three powerful words that I think we all should say more often.
Because let’s face it –

We don’t have all the answers.

We really, really don’t.
In fact the older I get, the more I realize I don’t know squat.

But I am learning more every day.
And just when I think I have something figured out?

I realize I was wrong.

Or that I was living doggedly in the black or the white.

Sometimes things exist in the grey. They just do.
Sometimes when someone is going through something really tough – especially that we have not faced before – we really can’t speak to it.

But we can say “I don’t know” –

What your answer is.

Or what you should do.

Or where you should go from here.
Oh but I know Who does ~

Our Lord. God. Almighty.
The One Who reigns above all these created things
Our Alpha & our Omega
Our beginning & our end
The Author & the Finisher of our faith
The Name above all names
& The Rock that is greater than I –
Hallelujah Lord.
When we just don’t know –

When it’s so hard for us to admit -When we want so badly to be able to say that we do –

May we bow our-selves before You.

For You hold the keys to our whys, our hows & our whens.

Oh how we praise You.
In Jesus’ amazing wonderful name,
Much love y’all & much more humility,


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