A Much-Needed Friday Proclamation

It is proclamation time y’all – Friday is a good place to start ~
Say it for yourself if you need to ~ even if you don’t want to.

No matter what I am facing in this moment Lord, You are with me.

No matter how I feel about myself Lord, what You say about me stands. It is my truth & I choose to believe it.

No Matter where I am headed Lord, You are already there.
I’m no longer a slave to fear.

No matter what is coming Lord, You will sustain me.
Your Grace is enough.

I am Loved by Love Himself.

I am unique & there is none like me.

I was created with great purpose & I am not a waste of space.

I am not a mistake.

I was known before I was even formed in my Mama’s belly.
The hairs on my aging head are numbered.

I have a good Father, though I may have never had one in the natural. I am not an orphan.

I can face today, tomorrow & even yesterday & I can do it all with dignity. I will start right now. Even after failing 1000 times.

Shame is not my cloak. Mercy is.

I wear a crown of Victory because Jesus paid the price for me to.
It was never about my works – no, not ever.
Only my belief that He Is Who He says He Is.

Though the foul breath of the enemy may be hissing in my face-
The sweet fragrance of God’s All-Mighty Love overpowers it.
I am David to this Goliath because God goes with me.
The battle is already won.

Hallelujah Lord ~
You are worthy of all of our praise –
From mustering the tiniest whisper to shouts of triumph in faith-
You. Are. Worthy.

Much love y’all & much more believing in God’s goodness,


(image found on pinterest)



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