A New Beginning

This word excited me to my core this morning:
“It’s a new day. This is a new day and this is a new world – a new beginning for you. Even as it was in the beginning so you are stepping into a Genesis season and all things are becoming new and manifesting in your life in newness. You are going to run again. You are going to play, you’re going to leap as the hart. You are going to rejoice as I put the dance in your feet to praise Me and know fullness of joy in My kingdom. Others will come to you and inquire of this new joy and you will reply that the God of the heavens has provisioned you afresh and anew. This is the hour of deliverance, and healing, even miraculous recovery.

I am opening the ears of those around you that have been hardened to the truth of My word. You are not going to have to convince them or cajole them to Calvary. I am opening their ears and speaking in the depths of their souls. They will hear My sound for My Spirit broods over to meet with them and cause them to know My love and My care over those things in their life that cause them to feel rejected and as outcasts in the earth. I will bring them to Bethel even as Jacob and they will see the angels of God ascending and descending upon the son of man. I will come to them in the night seasons and the heavens will be opened and they will see and know and come to a place of yielding to the Cross that you have prayed for so long a time. Your prayers are heard – it is a new day and in newness you shall rejoice at those things that I am about to do.” – Father’s Heart Ministry

Be encouraged!!

It IS a new day, a new season –
A time for growth & miracles & blessings –
All beyond what we’ve hoped & prayed for —–

Much love y’all!


(image courtesy of pbcvoice.blogspot.com)



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