What Is It? 

What is it? 
What exactly has you hemmed up? 

What are you still waiting on, hoping for, believing for? 
We all have dreams yet to materialize- 
But how sweet is it to dream? 

It’s one of my favorite things, 

I don’t know about you. 
“The ache in your heart is the prophecy over your life.” – Father’s Heart Ministry


Keep that pot stirred – 

Keep those flames fanned- 

Keep His salve on that ache until the sweet day your dream is realized.

It’s not over till God says it is. 
Timing- though in transparency occasionally I despise the sound of that word – is everything. 
And He keeps whispering to my heart to keep standing. 
So I am. 
Join me. 
Much love y’all and not letting go of your what-is-its, 
(Image courtesy of offthegridnews.com)


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