Round & Round That Mountain

Excerpts from a devotional I received this morning – I hope it encourages you on this beautiful Friday! ❤


“There is only one thing more painful than learning from experience – and that is not learning from experience. Life is a journey, not a destination. It is through that journey that we are born, broken, changed and shaped.
Life is God’s chosen classroom in which He teaches His children how to love and live out His truth. Truth does not change. We must change in response to the truth. When we don’t learn from our wrong choices, we are doomed to make the same mistakes again. It is like going around the same old mountain again and again.
We must not only have the right directions for today, but we must also go back and destroy those paths of yesterday that once led us in the wrong direction. Eliminating wrong choices makes the right choices much easier to handle. Some of those old paths are familiar and may be hard to uproot. A friendship may have to be ended. A behavior pattern may have to be changed. A habit may have to be eliminated.
Don’t go around that same old mountain of wrong choices again. Learn the lesson.”
So do not be foolish with your lives.
But learn what the Lord wants you to do. – Ephesians 5:17.
Lord, help us today in our deep, deep need to break away from the things that so easily beset us. We need thee every hour.
Help us to run to You more. And more.
In Jesus’ mighty mighty name,
Much love y’all & the trust God will lead us where we need to go,
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