I Hear You & I See You

Happy FriYay!

I have been watching Parenthood for the last couple of weeks on Netflix. I never paid attention to it a few years back when it was on TV – but I am in love with it now. And all the characters. It hits home on a number of levels & it deals with a lot of every-day life things. It’s real. And I like real.

Zeek, the patriarch of the family, after going to some counseling with his wife started to tell her “I hear you & I see you.”
Those are 7 very, very powerful words.

Isn’t that all any of us want?
To be heard & to be seen –
Truly for what we are trying desperately to express to the world, to each other?

Haughtiness, pride, narcissistic tendency – whatever the cause – so many times we are misunderstood by others – looked over, seemingly forgotten. As though we have little to no value. One of the biggest lies we buy.

I have been single now for almost 5 years. I am someone who is wired to be in a committed relationship. I am fiercely loyal & love deeply. And I feel deeply – & all of that can make me hard to handle sometimes. God has helped me A LOT in areas where I was way off balance & now I feel like I am in a really good place to receive someone into my life. Someone who will REALLY hear me & see me. Oh Sweet Jesus….

Until that day, I can tell you one thing –
The TRUTH is this –
I am already heard & seen.
Known through to the tiniest microscopic fibers in my being –
By the One who made me.
And Loved unconditionally regardless of how messy I can be.

And because of that, I know I am ok,
And I will be ok ~ in the waiting.

YOU are ALL heard and YOU are ALL seen –
YOU are eons beyond more precious than all the gemstones there ever were,

“Rest in the knowing child – that I love you with an everlasting love.
Rest in Me, for lo, I am with you always.”


Much love & being heard & seen, because we are ~
Oh how we are,


(image courtesy of restministries.com)



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