He Has Always Been There

Does anyone else have a dream that you’ve imagined, hoped for, wanted so much – embedded deeply, deeply down in your heart- that you are still believing for?

Ironically my sister told me about this story just hours before I randomly stumbled on it. I did the ugly cry as I watched it. It spoke volumes, to say the very least..

It is proof positive to me all-the-more that God is ALWAYS in the details.
He has ALWAYS been with us, loving us, & planning our lives even before we drew our first breath. That alone amazes me.

I genuinely needed this refresher in my knower.

When we think He has walked away or forgotten us, forsaken us –
When we start to believe there must something horribly wrong with us or we’d have surely seen the fruition of our dream-come-true by now –
Let us remember this precious miraculous story.

Sit back & take your coffee or whatever you are having in hand & watch the link below entitled “Chloe”.

Be encouraged.
God is still on the throne.
And He adores us so, so, so much.

Believe. It.

Much love y’all,




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