To Trust Or Not To Trust

Oh to trust in His plan….
Do we really?

I know for me, my answer would be yes, I do.
Deep down, I know He is real & able to do exceedingly beyond what I could think or imagine.
But do I ever try to “help” Him out? – Absolutely.

We often pride ourselves in knowing the best way to go about things. We like control. We like to be able to steer the ship. We are so much like children – we want what we want, when we want it.

But how often has our way fallen flat?
Where we hurt someone, or most of the time- for me – we ourselves were very, very hurt.

Lord help me trust You more.
To know that Your way is always, always best for me.
To not grow so weary in the waiting that I take the wheel & crash – again. Help me not to delay what You have for me Lord.

In Jesus’ Wonderful name I pray,

And amen.

Much love y’all,


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GOD has a plan


One thought on “To Trust Or Not To Trust


    Hi Bonnie! Just wanted to thank you for this word in season(again)for my life. I’m re-learning to walk again, as you may or may not know. I am reminded by your gentle words not to rush headlong toward this goal, but to do what I know to do, and trust in His perfect timing. Love you, Susy


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