All Is Not Lost

“Don’t count it all as lost says the Lord. Some of you have done things that seemingly have no reward. You’ve stretched yourselves and put yourselves “out there” to no avail it seems. But I say to you, don’t count it all as lost. For My eyes are not too blind to see. Your good works have not gone unnoticed and in due season you WILL reap the reward. I am standing ready to bless you and to widen your stakes. I am ready to enlarge your boundaries. I am extending them even now as we speak. Be still and listen for the sound of My voice for I am always instructing and teaching you in the way you should go. I have smoothed your paths out before you. There is no crookedness in My ways. The path is straight. Although it may seem uphill sometimes, I will always provide you with the strength you need for your journey.” – Father’s Heart Ministry
Have you ever grown weary in well-doing –
In standing in faith, till your knees are buckling –
In believing, and hoping against all the odds –
Against what circumstances “seem” to be saying –
Praying in the wee hours of the morn –
Waking with a catch in your chest in panic that some calamity is headed your way.

I know it all – all too well.

But I also know this – and He has proven it time & again –

God. Is. Greater.
He is who He says He is.
He will do what He says He will do.

Hold fast to your faith – fan the flames y’all.
God’s got this.

Much love,




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