I Don’t Know

“I don’t know.”

Sometimes that’s exactly what we need to say.
Like, really.

Because there are just some things we can’t truly speak to – or about. Because we haven’t been there. Or we have no real knowledge about it. Whatever “it” is.
We want to be the one with the answers – especially when someone we know & love is hurting or in a jam.
Or when we are in the midst of something that makes no real sense. At all.
I get it.

But for those of us who may be wired that way, a good re-wiring will open up a whole new world. It will take so much pressure off – and it will be one of the greatest teachers. Ever.

It’s ok – go ahead and say it. Right now. Even though you are squirming inside & fighting feeling seriously inept if you do.

“I don’t know.”

But I know the One who does.
That’s our God. Our Father. Our Daddy.
The Beginning & the End. Our Eternity.
Our Lighthouse on the darkest nights.
Our Flagship for life ~ in all the hellish seas that threaten to surely drown us.
The One Who, in our lack, gives wisdom liberally & upbraideth not when we ask.

He. Is. Amazing.
He. Is. That. Good.

And He amazes me more with His goodness every single day.

Hallelujah Lord.

We don’t know, But You do.
May we run to You.

Much love y’all & being OK with not always knowing,


(image courtesy of unklt.wordpress.com)



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