Thank God The Battle Is Not Mine

A powerful word in due season!!!
“You are more than a conqueror. The warfare around you isn’t going to go away. It isn’t going to go away because I never walk away from a fight. What you have identified as a battleground isn’t really a battleground at all – it’s a proving ground. The struggle you are in the midst of is the ground that I have chosen to prove to you just how powerful I am and how passionate I am about putting you over in every circumstance and situation you come up against. You have to get this says the Father because there are those in religious culture who have wrapped their identity up in fighting a battle that I already won 2000 years ago. What they think is conquest and victory is just picking over the bones of an enemy I vanquished on the cross and triumphed over in the resurrection millennia ago. Enough saber rattling, let’s get down to some real progress in your life and in the earth of seeing the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of your God and His Christ.

My starting place is your own personal life. I will not use you to pull down a stronghold when you are having trouble finding the motivation to get out of bed in the morning. So know this – I am putting your foot in the neck of your enemy as Joshua did with the elders of Israel in the promised land years ago. I want you to see the fear in the enemy’s eyes. Do you know what the enemy fears? You do know that he does fear don’t you? Where do you think that Satan got the idea of fear? It originated in his own heart when I declared to him in Eden that the heel of the woman would crush his head. He hasn’t been able to sleep since! Do you know what the enemy is afraid of? He is afraid that you are going to show up for the fight. He is very successful in keeping My people from the fight by intimidation, misdirection and confusion but you are neither intimidated, misdirected or confused. Are you? Of course you are not. I would that you understand that the whole of your success in this cosmic struggle of good and evil, between the kingdom of light and the domain of darkness is just showing up. Just show up and look to Me. You will be astounded and blessed by what happens next.” ~ Father’s Heart Ministry
This encouraged me this morning. I have been struggling lately, I am not going to lie. I shared with y’all that all kinds of things have been happening around me, just crazy little things. And physically I have just been worn out!

I am not depressed or anything, trust me I have been examining myself under a microscope of sorts. In fact I have felt a strange sense of expectancy for the last couple of weeks, in the midst of all the craziness. It’s hard to describe.

I realize there is good & evil & we live in the midst of it all.
I am just so dang thankful we are not alone in it!!!

We are so blessed – so proclaim it with me –
“I am so blessed!!! And our God is Greater!!”

I hope this word encouraged you guys too.
I believe we must do our part & stand on His promises but He fights the fights for us! Thank you Lord!

Much love y’all & giving the battles to Him!




2 thoughts on “Thank God The Battle Is Not Mine

  1. Nancy M

    Hey Chickie, Just wanted to let you know I forwarded this to my friend, Brenda, yesterday. She was going through some tough stuff. God used it to really speak to her as He did for me also. I literally felt like He used it to remove some really heavy burdens yesterday. Thank you. Love you so much and glad to have you as my dear sweet friend.


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