Oh How He Loves Me

I have something that happens to me from time to time. And some of you may just think I’m nuts when I explain.

The other night I was home cooking spaghetti. And having a dang good time too. As I went about my doings, I could feel God smiling at me. I know, it sounds strange. But you know how you can sense someone coming up behind you, even if you can’t see them or hear them?
It’s kind of like that.

I could almost see His face, grinning from ear to ear.
And I get flushed every time it happens ~
As it washes over me & straight down through my soul.
And every time the notion gets embedded a little more ~ a little deeper ~ that He loves me so much.
That He loves watching me do what I do ~
The little & the big things.
That He is proud of me.
Not because I have it all together but because He sees the real me. The Bonnie He created.
He sees my whole life laid bare as the day I was born.

Oh how I wish sometimes I could physically feel His arms around me, giving me a big Papa hug.
And sometimes, I almost can.
Like the other night.

The Lover of my soul when I have none.
The Lifter of my head when no one else can.
My everything when I long for more ~
In the waiting for my heart’s desires fulfilled.

I am so grateful this morning. Thank you Lord.
For always, always being so good to me, in spite of me.

Much love y’all & more awareness of His presence,


(image courtesy of imgfave.com)



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