Some HumpDay Meditations

Some HumpDay Meditations.. (see pic below.) 🙂

#1 ~ God has been drilling this into me for the last several years. I am finally starting to believe it in a greater measure.

#2 ~ Change isn’t always welcome for me. Learning new things can be quite daunting. But I find that once I let go of the fear of it all, things just seem to fall into place. Go figure.

#3 ~ Absolutely. I have things I lament to God about that not another soul shall hear from me lips.. Just sayin’.

#4 ~ Oh boy, this is a big one. It is more than difficult sometimes not to compare myself to others. But I am climbing that mountain anyway because I know its worth. Some days are better than others.

#5 ~ The older I get, the more this one hits home. Time is a thief. Make as much of it as you can & hold it close.

#6 ~ For years & years & years I placed all of my happiness in other people or in things. It’s like perpetually falling down a well with no bottom. It was dark & unfruitful – I never got anywhere but I sure heart-&-soul exhausted myself trying. And those closest to me. (I’m so sorry to each & every one of you)

#7 ~ Love. Yes, the most powerful force on earth. It literally changes everything when it is in operation. It bridges the widest gaps & extends the strongest olive branches to those who are drowning. it is Life. And it matters more than anything. Anything.

#8 ~ If I were to base my future on my past I would largely have no hope. Faith is what propels me forward. God’s Grace & Love is what changes me. Nothing less. I know I could never do it without them.

#9 ~ Yes. You. Do. Yes. I. Do. Really, really. Believe it.

#10 ~ You & I were fearfully & wonderfully made & Known by our Maker before we were even knit in our Mother’s womb. We all were called forth with the greatest care & good, good plans are still laid out before us. They really, really are.

Much love y’all,




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