Go Tell It

“Toni Morrison said, “The function of freedom is to free someone else,” and if you are no longer wracked or in bondage to a person or a way of life, tell your story. Risk freeing someone else.” ~ Anne Lamott

That’s why I share anything I do y’all. It is always in big hope it will shine a sliver of light into a dark place for someone.
It’s what gives beauty for our ashes.
I believe we should all share our stories.

Someone out there needs to hear our victories.
Someone out there is about to give up.
Or they are about to make a terrible decision that will change their life & those who love them forever.
It can be that serious.

I am so grateful for what God has done in my life.
The trenches He has pulled me from.
The grips of pure evil He has rescued me out of.
That I didn’t deserve.

It doesn’t have to end now.
It doesn’t have to end today or next year or even in 20 years.
We absolutely can have hope in spades.
We can lift each other up.
We can share the burdens & shoulder the hurts.
Paying it forward & spreading His Great Love from these earthen & imperfect vessels. That’s what it’s all about.

Much love y’all & being brave in our telling.
For no shame is found when we are in Christ ~
Our Hope of Glory,


(image courtesy of thelife.com)



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