Yes, He Does Think You’re Beautiful…

I was reminded of this spell-binding book by one of my soul-sisters the other day. (Thank you Amy!) I am going to re-read it again. It has been far too long.

Pay attention to each word & see if it has the same effect on you. For me, it made my heart swoon & brought tears to my eyes. Out of a heart of longing of needs never truly met before in the measure I desire, by anyone but Him.

“God’s love for you is passionate and pure and without reservation. He never holds back or plays games with your heart. There are no riddles with God. This kind of love does not stand you up. He always shows up, always remembers, and always keeps His promises. God’s love is unrelenting. He does not turn away even if you do. His excitement over you does not wane. God’s love is not some namby-pamby kindergarten crush. He is not fickle. God has seen you across the room, and He cannot take His eyes off you.” – Angela Thomas, Do You Think I’m Beautiful?: The Question Every Woman Asks

Oh to be loved that way y’all. Something we all long for. I sincerely hope to find it in human form & in as much fullness as possible one sweet day. But wholly, this kind of love in 100% 24/7 operation can only be found in one place. Our Father’s Heart.

He fills the gaps & soothes the hurts, the pains, the waxes & wanes. Of this life. The unfinished things, the closure we will never get, the goodbyes we were never able to say, the regrets that break our backs & hold us to the floor. Jesus gets it all. He understands & empathizes through to our very core & even into the hollowed-out places long forgotten that still pull the puppeteer strings in our hearts.

And oh so lovingly, He softly applies that sweet balm of Gilead to all the spaces aching for relief. For whole-ness, for healing & restoration.
He is the God of it all.

Hallelujah Lord.
May we always quickly run to You first, washing Your beautiful pierced feet with our tears.
And may we always trust You with the wreakage of our souls.

For You alone are worthy of such offerings.

We reach for You now in surrender. Again.

In Jesus’ Precious Ever-Abiding name,


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