Quiet, Breathing, Hoping, Trusting

The little calendar below sits in my bathroom. Every day I flip it & some days it speaks more than others. Today I felt like this was for one of you. Or maybe 10 of you. or 20. Or….

Being quiet, just breathing, hoping & trusting God as He works in a situation that has us all hemmed up can be incredibly difficult. We want to get our grubby little hands on the thing SO bad, and many times we do. And boy can we monk some stuff up…. Smh…. And raising my hand high in guilt.
Lately when I am spinning into panic mode or anxiousness, God has been softly reminding me ~ “I’ve got this child. Trust me.”
Reminding me the One Who made it all, knows it all, and holds it all is on His game & I need not worry about whatever it is I am sweating. I mean really, what is worrying really doing?
Absolutely nothing apart from making me sick, bent-up & bent-over in distress.
Lord help those in dire-need, small-need & medium-need this morning. I know You care about it all. Help us to remember Who You are and Whose we are. And You’ve not failed us yet & are not about to start now. Such a simple thing but so hard to do in our humanity. Forgive us for not trusting You more & more often. We believe, help us in our unbelief. Your hands reach where ours cannot. Your hands can do what ours cannot. You alone are worthy.
In Jesus’ Wonderful name,

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