My Heavenly Visitor

So I was driving home from the book club I am in last night. That I almost begged off of because I wasn’t feeling well. I really just wanted to stay on the couch. I am glad I didn’t.

I am grateful to be a part of such a colorful group of women. They are all beautiful, all very different, intelligent & just listening to them share & be who they are enriches me every time. And I must admit, I leave there feeling small on occasion.

And as I am driving home, with some negative self-focused dialogue running rampant through my head, it was as if Jesus came & sat down in the passenger seat next to me. This soft, sweet feeling filled the air. And in a Fatherly-way only He can, He began to softly rebuke me in the quiet of the cabin of my car. Whispering into my soul, correcting me & my poor inward attitude by showing me the things about me that are redeeming. That make me unique & unlike anyone else. It was almost as if He pulled my heart out of my chest & laid it open for me to see it ~ seeing it as He does. The highway in front of me was a blur at this point & I could have gone to heaven right there. I wish I could put into words on-point exactly what this was like for me. So surreal, like time stood still for a few brief moments. And all just for me.

I felt amazingly loved, cherished, appreciated – for exactly who I am. The negative was smashed & tossed out the window & when I got home I walked a little taller into my apartment building. Not because I think I am all that, but because He thinks I am. And He thought enough of me to show me.

The Lover of my soul & the Lifter of my head.
Healer of all my brokenness,
And the Restorer of all I’ve lost.

I am so grateful for His love.
For His rescue of me from myself last night.
My cup is full Lord.


Listen for His whisper-ings ~ they are there.

Much love y’all ~ much, much love,




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