Well With My Soul

This morning I can honestly say it is well with my soul.
Right now, at least, in this moment.

But I have been kind of out of sorts lately. And I haven’t been able to pinpoint why. I have remained thankful daily but I have felt a slight disconnect. I know God never leaves me, so it’s not that. It’s like there are these random little pockets of emptiness in me.
I’ve searched my heart & can’t figure out where it’s coming from.
I feel like I have been in a holding pattern – suspended, treading water. Or something like it. Or like if a I was a chandelier and a quarter or better of my bulbs are burned out.

I know it’s a season. And this too will pass. I’ve been here before but this one resonates differently.

I am thankful that I woke feeling a little more skip in my step, more peaceful & smiling…

Maybe God’s playing hide & seek with me. That may just be it.
Maybe it’s time to delve deeper. Maybe I just got my answer.

Let this beautiful song wash over you this morning.

Much love & peace for your souls on this Friday,




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