Don’t Stop! Daddy’s Got You!

From a devotion I received this morning –
“I see you beginning to rise up. Don’t stop. The temptation will be to think it’s too hard or that you have too far to go. But, I tell you that when make a move towards Me, I move towards you and meet you where you are. I am with you to help you overcome all obstacles. Establish your faith in Me.” Every valley shall be filled And every mountain and hill brought low; the crooked places shall be made straight and the rough ways smooth. ~ Luke 3:5
Oh my, how many days & nights I have wanted to just give up. Like walk away – I am done. On this or that. Big things, little things. And I admit I can be a procrastinator sometimes. But it always feels best & produces the most when I see something through. When I don’t give up.
Someone out there is about to, right now.
And God is saying to YOU~
“DON’T STOP!! You are almost there.
Don’t give up now!! I’ve got you!!!”
I think when we are headed towards destiny, breakthrough or what-have-you, many times that is the point where we think we just can’t make it. Another minute. But I believe that’s when we should fight the hardest.
Every morning rise up & say ‘Just one more day Lord. Just one more day.’
Keep getting up y’all. Our redemption draweth nigh.
Lord, I pray You strengthen the weak, the broken, the ones who have given up. Please help them rise today from the ashes of the hits & hurls & may they marvel at the beauty You will form from them. May they marvel & sing Your praise in faith for the blessings that are coming. For You give good & perfect gifts. As any Good Father would.
In Jesus’ Wonderful Mighty name,
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