Faith In Our Faith

“…have faith in your faith. It originates with Me. It is My gift to you. It is the measure of ability to believe that I have given to every man, woman and child. It is not wrong to have faith in the gifts and graces I have given. Would I give you something you cannot trust in? If you ask for bread would I give you a stone? If you ask for a fish would I give you a scorpion? I say again – have faith in your faith – it is My gift to you.” – Father’s Heart Ministry
When I read that yesterday something went off in me.
Why do we struggle so with believing in His goodness towards us?

I think all too often we see through the lens of our mistakes, folly, sin, whatever you want to call it. We base our blessing on our ability to earn it. And it never can be earned. The price Jesus paid for us all will never be. It’s impossible.

We’d do best to just accept it. In Faith. By Faith.
The whole of it all. The beauty of it all.
We’d do best to pay it forward as we receive its glorious bounty.
And bounty it is ~ Peace, Joy, Hope, Faith, Grace, Mercy, & Love. We cannot measure it all. And we can just keep on giving it away because the well from which it comes never runs dry. It is everlasting. All we have to do is receive.


Lord, we praise You from our lack & from our depth.
We praise You in our messes & in our victories.
You are worthy. And we are honored & so thankful You chose us. We are honored to share with each-other what You have so lavished on us. May we not fail in that, because You have & You will never, ever, ever fail us. Help us Lord to crawl out of ourselves & turn our face towards the sun. Heavenward from whence it comes. You are all we need. Everything we require to truly live is found in You. Help us to have Faith in our Faith.

In Jesus’ Precious, Wild & Wonderful Name we pray,


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