Beauty & Love & Lies & Truth

“People often say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing you are the beholder.” Salma Hayek
As I am facing another year gone-by, I have been pondering some things I think we all do as we get older. I am a little disgruntled this morning for whatever reason – a bee in my proverbial bonnet.

How many of us compare ourselves constantly to people around us, or people on TV, or in magazines? It is an age-old problem. And one that is not easily overcome. We are bombarded with what society says is beautiful. Acceptable. What makes us worthy of respect or honor in other people’s eyes. Funny how little of it ever refers to inward beauty – to inward life.

So many today are out for themselves – what will make them look good – how can they use her or him to feel more powerful, more special. Trophy girlfriends & wives or boyfriends & husbands. Money & power & materialism. No boundaries, no moral compass. Using each other up selfishly as they will, like people are dispensable – nothing more than chattel. What a joke.

Here is the truth – one day the outward of us all will fade & deteriorate. One day we will really need & want someone to be by our side. In all the ways that matter. To care & to do things for us that maybe we no longer can ~ & with us, because no-one wants to be alone. Deep down. One day all our man-made crutches will be gone & we will be at the mercy of life & its progression. Time does not stop for any of us. We are not in control. No matter how much we desperately grasp & cling to the notion we are.

We have lost sight of what beauty really is. Where it truly comes from. We have lost sight of what love really is. What it stands for.
God IS beauty, in all people. God IS love.
We all need to know Our Creator. To see each other through His eyes. To have relationship with Him.
Because apart from that we are & we can do nothing.
And we all need each other. We are His hands & feet after all.

Lord Jesus, please help us all to wake up. To see You for Who You are. Help us to see how much You love us & want the very best for us. The things in this life that truly matter – not the lie we have been sold. Help the selfish to surrender, the weak to be strong, the proud to be humble. The stricken to rise. The liars to find truth. The lost to find redemption.
We. Need. You.
Every hour.

I know I ambled & rambled this morning. Just where I am at.

Much love y’all & the awareness of our frailty,


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