Christmas Chaos & The Hope We Need

One of my dearest friends lost her Mom to cancer last night. I got there about an hour before she passed. I had the privilege of looking in her beautiful eyes & telling her I loved her one more time. I did not know her like I know her daughter, but through her love for her, my own grew. She was loved by many.

Being there in the midst of all of that brought back losing both my parents. The grief may lessen in intensity over time but it never fully goes away. I can still hear, see or smell something & immediately the memories come flooding back – 10 & 20 years later.

There is something awful & beautiful about a soul leaving this earth. In those last moments. She kept looking up & trying to talk. My friend said she was talking to the angels. Coming to take her home. I’ve heard other similar stories over the years.   I. believe.

If you love someone, please tell them. Don’t wait. If you are on the skids in relationships in your life – family included – try to make amends. Try to show love & forgive. The situation may never be the same as it once was, but bridge the gap if you can. Lay pride down. And walk in love.

If you are lost & hurting, stop pretending you aren’t.

There is hope, there is help & sweet rest for our weary souls.

There is Love.

Jesus is waiting.

The message below isn’t your typical Christmas message. But it is powerful. And real. That’s what speaks to me – truth.
Please watch it and be encouraged this morning.
This is for you.

Much love y’all & knowing that all these things are working together for our good somehow ~ He promised it.



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