There isn’t one fiber in my being Your hand hasn’t touched Lord. 
Nothing is hidden from You. Nothing is not known by You. You see & You know every. Single. Part. 
The lies, the truths, the pains & the joys. They color & paint & saturate the canvas that is me. Like none other. I am Your creation. Life has tried to make me ugly but I believe You see me as beautiful. I believe we all are. Because You live in us. Whether we choose to acknowledge You or not. 
You love us enough to continue reaching out. To continue loving us & forgiving us as we ask, all in spite of us. No sin is too dark, no secret too hidden – that Your unfailing Love can’t find & cover & make right. 
You are God. And we are not. 
Help us to let go of what’s crippling us. Help us to confess the awful dirty parts of our souls to You & lay them at Your feet oh God. You. Can. Be. Trusted. 
We are not what we have done. The lies we’ve told ourselves & others are not our Truth. Only You Lord. Only what You say- only what You reveal is our Truth. 
Help us Jesus. 
Help us to see You are knit into us & know us far better than we could ever know ourselves. You long to stop the destructions & devastations. 
You are just waiting to hear our cry for freedom. 
Cry out today, I pray. 
In Jesus’ wonderful name, 
You are so Loved, 
(image found on instagram)



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