The Peace Of His Perspective

*Peace can be found when we can see things from God’s perspective.*
What a profound truth. I have surely been tested & tried in this area the last few weeks. As the days go by, I believe I’ve been gaining more & more of His perspective vs. my own – which has been very dark, confusing & profoundly sad to be totally honest. I hate the place I’ve been in lately – it isn’t me at all. My normal disposition is optimistic & glass half-full but I allowed this recent situation to absolutely rob me.
Gaining a new perspective has been difficult ~ especially because a large part of me was so sure in one direction but situation-ally I was being pulled in another. A way I did not want to go or to see. Because I wanted something to be true & real & what I saw it could be. Admittedly, my knees are still buckling randomly, but it is getting better. Hallelujah Lord.
Thank You for being so faithful to me.
Enjoy this excerpt from Hope City’s series “It’s A Wonderful Life” – if I lived anywhere near here, this would SO be my church.
It addresses the God perspective & how to cope when we just don’t understand why things are happening the way they are & we aren’t getting the answers we so desperately are crying out for.
Be encouraged today.
The message starts right around 24:00 –
Much love y’all, peace & God’s perspective over your situations,

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