And Then…

I subscribe to a blog called “The Single Woman” and it is wonderful ladies. I wanted to share the one I received early this morning. It is very uplifting for any of you going through it right now. Be encouraged.


“I have a dear friend going through a big heartbreak right now…and this morning she texted me “How is it possible for this to still hurt me so horribly?” And I texted her back: “It hurts because you’re human, and because you were vulnerable with someone who didn’t value your heart and THAT’S NOT ON YOU…” And you know what? It also hurts because she’s stuck in the Today of it all. The newness of it all. The immediacy of it all. It’s happening now, in this moment, the breaking of her heart and the falling of the tears and the acceptance that the person she thought she knew and loved isn’t really that person at all. But that’s Today. And it’s okay to allow yourself a Today, or even very many Todays if you need them, to work through the grief of whatever hurt or injustice or loss you are facing in your own life. But know this: Tomorrow WILL come. One day, maybe not so long from now, my sweet friend will wake up and find her smile again and reclaim all the pieces of her heart again and be ready to move forward again into all the beautiful things God has for her on the other side of letting go…

And so will you.

So in the midst of your Today today and whatever unique trials you are facing…just cling to the knowledge that Tomorrow IS out there…it’s waiting on the horizon…and it WILL arrive, perhaps sooner than you may think….and life WILL be beautiful again.”


If you would like to see more, here is her site. She has written 2 books also, with a 3rd releasing soon.

Much love & hope y’all,
God is so good ~




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