You Are When Nothing Else Is

When sorrow beats my faith down
When heartache won’t subside
When anger burns through my soul
And despair knocks me down, over & over
You stand with me, kneel with me,
Lying with me face-down in the floor
You meet me in the darkness
And won’t allow me to be consumed.
You don’t ever ever leave or forsake me when conflict hits
When I am weak & falling
You are trustworthy & faithful & strong.
You stand by Your word
You are Love.
When there are no answers, You are still there
Where confusion & betrayal blind & strip me, You shine Your light & cover me
And whisper promises & comfort where none can be found.
Thank You for protecting me from greater harm
Thank You for never leaving my side
Thank You for not letting me slip completely over the edge
Because I almost did.
Lord please help me to accept things as they are
And help my unbelief – rebuild my hope Lord
I thought I knew so much – now I feel like I know nothing.
You are God. And I am not.
In Jesus’ beautiful name,
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