Thankful Anyway ~ Because Of Love

“Jesus loves ME. Three simple words that can make a big difference in your life when you believe them…
I know it’s because Jesus loves me that He blesses me. It’s not because of what I’ve done or not done. Getting a revelation of this truth has made such a difference…Breakthroughs come and amazing things begin to happen to you when you truly believe how much Jesus loves YOU.” – Joseph Prince
My heart is filled with gratitude this morning. Not because everything is going like I want in this moment, but because I know how much He really does love me. I can even feel it now, tearing up just tapping this out.

The last week has been beyond difficult and heartbreaking & I am having to trust God for the best outcome in something. As human beings, we are fragile, though we may paint on smiles or thicken our skins for our little world to take notice. Our twisted masquerade. But God sees it all. And He knows where we need His Love applied the most in each moment.

He has been gently tugging on my heart & showing me some things. Not in a condemning way at all – never.(Even though I’ve done a fine job of that myself.) Shining His light on some dark places I still had tucked away. Places I thought didn’t need much tending to anymore. And are they all gone now? No, absolutely not ~ but His truth is setting me free. Again. Bit by painful bit. Another layer coming off, preparing me for things to come. Like He does with all of us. Making us into the image of His son.
It’s not just for us either. It’s for each other.

We live in world that is crying out for hope, for peace, & most of all for love. We are His hands & feet. We are His voice. We need to stay attuned to Him – to His work in our lives. We need greater revelation of His love for us so we can pass it on. We need to stop running from pain & start allowing Him in to heal us & set us free in all the ways we so desperately need it. Day by painful day at times. We need to trust Him & his direction, no matter how convinced we are that we are right. Or wrong, for that matter.

God is Truth. And Life. And Love.
And we need not ever fear it.

Please help us to allow Your sovereignty in –
Remove the scales from our eyes,
The stones from our hearts,
The hell from our souls.
Please lead, guide & direct us towards what is best for us.
We praise you & thank you for being the best Daddy we could ever ask for.
We glorify you & fall at your feet because of your Great, Mysterious & Misunderstood Love for us.
Thank you for turning things upside down to set them right.
Thank you for not taking Your hand from us when we are squirming underneath it. Thank you for not rejecting or leaving us behind when we are hiding. Running scared & ashamed.
Thank you Lord that You are acquainted with every single sorrow & triumph. Your thoughts towards us are more than the all the grains of sand in this wide world & You number the hairs on our head.
You bottle every tear.
Thank You for it all. This day & every single day ~

In Jesus’ Mighty, Wonderful, Beautiful name,


Happy Thanksgiving y’all. May we find ways to be grateful every single day of the year. Never losing sight of His great Love,



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