“Lies cannot nourish or protect you. Only freedom from fear, freedom from lies, can make us beautiful, and keep us safe.”
~ Anne Lamott

Raising both my hands high ~ guilty!
I believed all kinds of lies for most of my life.
A few that stand out:

I am not loved.
I am not special.
I am not appreciated.
I am invisible.
I am weird.
I am too emotional.
I am not a good wife.
I am not a good mother.

I. Am. Not. Enough.

Anyone else been there?

In a Walmart parking lot of all places God spoke so sweetly yet so sternly as only a Father can once & said (among other things) ~ “Bonnie you are enough. because I say you are enough.”

Emphasis roared through my being in other-worldly Holy emphasis on the “I” –
The Creator Of All Things Large & Small said that to ME.
With ultimate last-word Authority.

It set me absolutely unequivocally FREE. I was truly never the same after that moment in my car that afternoon. It would set my life on a completely different course. For the better. And brighter.
From glory to glory, still visiting the ditches from time to time ~ there go I.

So today join me in dispelling the falsities, the hissing. Choose to believe what God says to you instead.

Listen for the heavenly admonishments & let them heal your souls ~ sewing up the ripped & torn places.
Creating a new tapestry of love & light & witnessing unnecessary loads being carried away.

Much love y’all & our lies being blown to smithereens one truth at a time,


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