Triumph Over Our Enemies

Happy Monday y’all! I hope everyone enjoyed your weekend~

I received this yesterday & thought it was a word in due season. Be encouraged this week!

“Refuse to be shaken by bad reports. Your enemies will bring them and rejoice at your consternation. Your friends will bring the bad report because they think it is something that you should know. Learn not to answer the phone. Learn to delete and remove those messages and communications that fall outside the parameters of what so ever is “good, pure, perfect, lovely and of good report. Think on these things. Don’t be phased by the sudden calamity and threat of the enemy that says My blessing is a lie. My blessing in your life originates in My word and My word is sure and true and will come to pass in your life as you yield fully and consistently to the positive and powerful truth of what I did for you on the cross of Calvary.

You don’t need to know what your enemies are doing, or what others are saying, all you need to know is what I have already done, and what I have said about you and your circumstance. I came that you might have life and life more abundantly. There is no power in hell, no angel, no man, no demon that can overthrow who I have resolutely determined to be in your life. So receive a good report and rejoice! Receive a good report and the last laugh of He that sits in the heavens and holds the enemies of the cross in derision. Run this day into the high tower of My name and be comforted all My beloved till this storm be over past.” ~ Father’s Heart Ministry

God’s word is final & it stands!

Much love & the confidence that our enemy is already defeated,


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One thought on “Triumph Over Our Enemies

  1. susy kelley

    I needed this today, Bonnie.”Nuff said;don’t wanna give the enemy any “press time”. Just want to thank you for passing along this word in due season. Maybe I’ll tell you someday, but this was a biggie.And again, your words brought comfort and confirmation, at a time I didn’t think I needed it.I was already set on the right path in the situation at hand, but it was nice to hear you put the words together for me. Love you! Susy

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