Pulled From The Ashes

I read something this morning that echoed reminiscent to my life ~
“You may feel like your life is ugly and insignificant right now. But sometimes things that appear ugly just need the right climate to grow. There is a species of century plant called the “Maguey”. It grows for years with great course leaves as thick as two hands put together. It’s three inches thick and very long. It puts out sharp thorns and it’s just as ugly as can be. The longer it’s alive and the more it grows, it just gets uglier all the time. But suddenly it shoots up in just a couple of days and a great shaft tall and thick begins to grow. It decks it’s spreading head with thousands of flowers and becomes a beautiful plant.

The possibility of all that fragrant beauty was always in that detestable ugliness. Just as the fragrant beauty of your life is sometimes hidden underneath the calloused ritual. It is smothered by daily schedules and monotonous grind. Sometimes painful experiences cause beauty to come forth.

Isaiah said he will give you beauty for ashes. God knew you would be burnt by life’s experiences. But he also knew he could replace that burnt out mess with something beautiful.” – Thomas Dibble
There was a very long season in my life where I was detestably ugly. Empty living doesn’t even scratch the surface to describe it. From man to man I went ~ drug to drug, bottle to bottle, shame to shame. Sliding & flailing down a very slippery slope that led to nowhere & nothing good.

And God never left me.

Even in my darkness, I was always aware of His presence. I carried the burdens of my own poor decisions & drug them around, wearing them like a cloak made of iron. And God pulled me from the fire over & over. And over. In spite of all my running & hiding, He pursued me. He never gave up.

The Greatest Love of my life.

If you identify with me, if you still carry residual from your own dark seasons ~ please run to our sweet Jesus.
Lay it all at His beautiful scarred feet.
He is waiting & has been for an eternity.

Much love & unrelenting refuge as we are pulled from our ashes,


(image courtesy of learningtomakeit.wordpress.com)



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