What Do You Believe?

What do you believe in your faith? I mean REALLY – like down, down in your know-er. And where do you flounder & squirrel & struggle to believe? Chances are the latter has a whole lot to do with your experiences.

Past abuse.
Past addictions.
Past relationships.
Past pain.
Most people live out of those memories. Those traumas. I, for one, am guilty.
They can steer us this way or that & lead us down roads we would never go willingly.

But. God.
What does He say about you? What does He say to do with all of that?

To cast it all on Him.
To forgive.
To love.
To let go.

To. Not. Look. Back.

Sometimes looking back is paralyzing. Remember the story of Lot’s wife?

Choose this day to look forward. And up.
From whence comes our help.
Our wholeness. Our joy & peace.

Only there is real hope ever found.

Much love y’all & looking forward to the good plans He has for us,




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